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Wireless Peripherals - Galaxy Intruder Control Panels  download brochure


5802H Panic Alarm • Sleek design, fully supervised portable panic alarm
• Dual button action
• Use as a pendant or belt clip
• User-replaceable lithium battery
• LED transmission indication


5804H Keyfob • Small sleek wireless key offering many of the features of a keypad
• Four programmable buttons
• User replaceable, long life lithium batteries
• One-button set and unset operation
• KEELOQ® rolling code encryption for added security

5808H Smoke Detector • Combined smoke sensor and heat detector
• Trips when temperatures reach 57ºC or when smoke is sensed
• Wireless installation provides flexibility as well as quick and easy installation
• Photoelectric sensor
• Tamper protected
• Clip off back plate

5816H Universal Contact • Door and window protection
• Two loop transmitter
• Built in magnetic reed switch
• Allows wired detector to signal to wireless receiver


5888H PIR • 12 metre range passive infrared detector
• Look down lens
• Selectable pet avoidance as standard
• Selectable pulse count
• Adjustable view angle


5814H Mini Window or Door Contact • Very small, discreet wireless switch
• Built-in magnetic reed switch

5852H Glassbreak • Audio glassbreak detector
• 7.5 metre range
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Test mode with LED display

5819H Shock Sensor • Shock sensor with built-in reed switch
• Typical 1.5 metre radius coverage
• Fully adjustable sensitivity and pulse count
• Vertical or horizontal mounting

Galaxy RF RIO

• Acts as a wireless receiver allowing the wireless peripherals to be supported on the Galaxy panel range(not available on the Galaxy 16plus or Galaxy 8)
• Connected directly to the Galaxy panel (via direct cable connection) but can be mounted up to 1000m from the control panel
• Support for up to 32 zones (dependant on panel zone capacity)
• Support for up to 30 wireless keyfobs
• Built-in signal strength meter
• 4 hard-wired programmable outputs compatible with Galaxy 18-512 control panels (V4 upwards)