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Intruder Galaxy 2 Series

Galaxy 2 Series Suited to all residential and small to medium size commercial, installations the Galaxy 2 Series control panel range provides feature rich, easy to use, security products with great flexibility. Compatible with the existing Galaxy peripheral range the Galaxy 2 Series utilises the familiar Galaxy user and programming architecture. The Galaxy 2 Series is suitable for use in installations compliant to PD6662:2004/prEN50131-1: 2004 security grade 2, environmental class II.

Galaxy 2 Series main features 

* Fully hybrid system with support for hardwired and wireless peripherals
* Dual path signalling via PSTN and GSM (only available on Galaxy 2-44+)
* SMS text signalling to up to 3 mobile numbers
* 2-way voice - from supervised premises to central station or user (only available on Galaxy 2-44+)
* Dual bus technology - supports both Galaxy and Galant peripheral sets (Galant support only available on Galaxy 2-44+)
* Remote diagnostics

Galaxy 2 Series peripherals

* Galaxy Mk7 LCD Keypad
* 2 x 16 alphanumeric character display
* Galaxy alphanumeric LCD Keyprox
* Equivalent to Galaxy Mk7 keypad with integrated ASK prox reader
* Allows the system to be set and unset by use of proximity card
* Can be used for DD243 compliant system configuration
* System expander module - 8 zones/4 outputs
* Galaxy Smart PSU, 3A PSU with integrated RIO
* Galaxy Power RIO (*NEW*) - 2.75A EN50131-1 grade 3 compliant PSU with integrated RIO
* Doorguard Interface Unit
* RF Portal (*NEW*)
* Receiver for the Domonial V2 wireless peripheral range
* Additional RF Portals can be used to increase wireless range
* Provides full wireless diagnostic information
* V2 wireless peripheral range
* Aesthetically pleasing wireless transmitter devices with excellent wireless performance