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Intruder Galaxy 3 Series

Galaxy 3 Series Based on the established Galaxy 8-512 control panel range the Galaxy 3 Series improves on an industry market leader to provide high quality reliable, intruder solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Designed with the installer and end user in mind the Galaxy 3 Series combines great flexibility with common sense practicality. The Galaxy 3 Series is suitable for use in installations compliant to PD6662:2004/prEN50131-1:2004 security grade 3, and environmental class II.

Galaxy 3 Series main features 

* Fully compatible with existing Galaxy peripherals
* Alarm signalling in multiple formats (Ademco Fast, SIA levels 0-3, Contact ID, Microtech) over multiple technologies (PSTN, Ethernet, ISDN, RS232)
* Programmable backup signalling allowing a secondary signalling technology to become the primary signalling path in the event of a complete failure to the programmed primary path
* Simple, fast panel configuration memory storage and application upgrade via the new Galaxy SPI Programming key
* Comprehensive remote servicing support
* Ability to detect zone alarm and anti-masking conditions on a single zone
* Zone activity monitor to identify faulty sensors prior to critical failure event
* Remote diagnostics, allowing remote maintenance of the Galaxy system

Galaxy 3 Series peripherals

* Galaxy Mk7 LCD Keypad
* 2 x 16 alphanumeric character display
* Galaxy alphanumeric LCD Keyprox
* Equivalent to Galaxy Mk7 keypad with integrated ASK prox reader
* Allows the system to be set and unset by use of proximity card
* Can be used for DD243 compliant system configuration
* System expander module - 8 zones/4 outputs
* Wireless system expander module - supports up to 32 wireless zones and 4 hardwired outputs
* MAX3
* Complete door control in a single unit
* Can be used as standalone or Integrated into the Galaxy control system
* Galaxy Smart PSU
* 3A PSU with integrated RIO
* Galaxy Power RIO (*NEW*)
* 2.75A prEN50131-1:2004 grade 3 compliant PSU with integrated RIO
* Optional communication modules for alarm signalling and remote servicing over IP/PSTN/ISDN networks
* Galaxy Printer Interface
* Doorguard Interface Unit