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Intruder Peripherals    



Rapier External Sounder

NEW superior quality external sounder with stainless steel cover used in all our high security installations. Complete with dual sounders, twin strobes and comfort led's, 15 minute cut-off timer, universal trigger and tamper protection




Motion Sensor with MaskAlertTM

Superior Anti-mask Protection. Advanced DualCoreTM Signal Processing. Superb detection through K-band Technology. Enhanced False Alarm Prevention Features. Self-Testing for Consistently Reliable Operation. Sturdy, Attractive Housing




Dual Technology Motion Sensor

Microwave Advanced Processing (MAP). Microwave/PIR Technology. Built-in Diagnostics and Supervision. Remote LED. Ceiling Mount Design. Microcontroller-Initiated Self-Tests. Suitable in Security Grade 2 Trouble Output.




Long Range Dual Tec® with Anti-Mask and Range Reduction

INFORMERTM Circuit Identifies Range Reduction. Active Infrared for Anti-Masking. Queue Logic Processing delivers. Superior detection. Patented 90º Look-down Zones. Mirror Optics. Zero Clearance Bug Guard. Easy Height Adjustment. 3 Individual Tamper Switches. Vandal Resistant Housing. Ratcheted Swivel Base



PIR motion sensor

The IS215TCE is an entry level passive infrared motion sensor. It is fully featured with dual slope temperature compensation, shock algorithm and digital signal processing.


Panic Alarm Unit

Sleek design, fully supervised portable panic alarm. Dual button action. Use as a pendant or belt clip or in your pocket, User-replaceable lithium battery. LED transmission indication.

   5804H  5804H

Key Fob

Small sleek wireless key offering many of the features of a keypad. User replaceable, long life lithium batteries. One-button set and un-set operation. KEELOQ® rolling code technology.

   5816H  5816H 

Universal Contact

Two loop transmitter. Wired external detector. Built in reed switch. Back plate and off wall tamper.



12 metre range passive infra-red detector. Look down lens. Selectable pet avoidance as standard. Selectable pulse count. Adjustable view angle

   5814H  5814H 

Mini Window or Door Contact

ery small, discreet wireless switch. Built in reed switch.

   5825H  5852H   


Audio glassbreak detector. 7.5 metre range. Adjustable sensitivity. Test mode with LED display.

   6160RFH  6160RFH   

Keypad with Receiver

Large, clear text display. 2 x 16 characters, full text display. Back lit display and buttons. Acts as a wireless receiver allowing wireless peripherals to be supported on the Galant panel

   5882H  5882H   


Acts as a wireless receiver allowing wireless peripherals to be supported on the Galant panel. Can be mounted remote from the control panel.

   6128RFH  6128RFH   

Keypad and Receiver

Keypad with fixed text LCD display. Back lit buttons. Acts as a wireless receiver allowing wireless peripherals to be supported on the Galant panel.

   5819H  5819H   

Shock Sensor

Shock sensor with built-in reed switch. Typical 1.5 metre radius coverage. Fully adjustable sensitivity and pulse count. Vertical or horizontal mounting