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Maintenance Pricing

AFA Fire & Security maintenance packages are widely known to provide the most comprehensive cover available in the security industry.

We offer great value for money and provide a high quality of service which is carried out exclusively by our own fully qualified engineers and covered under the NSI Codes of Practice

Our service and maintenance agreements cover ALL parts and labour, including replacement system batteries plus we offer to spread your costs with payment by Direct Debit Mandate at no additional charge

Maintenance Package Annual Cost
(inc VAT)
Monthly Cost
(inc VAT)
 Bells/Audible only  from £120.00  from £10.00
 Bells Only with Digital Communicator with Key Holder Response  from £120.00  from £10.00
 *Police Link via Digital Communicator with Key Holder Response  from £180.00  from £15.00
 *Daitem Systems including specialist batteries  from  £240.00  from  £20.00
 *Dual-Com Digi Air (no phone line required)  from  £240.00  from  £20.00
 *Dual-Com Grade 3 over BT analogue phone line  from  £396.00  from  £33.00
 *Dual-Com Grade 3 via LAN (IP)  from  £396.00  from  £33.00
 *Redcare/secure classic (BT Line required)  from  £396.00  from  £33.00
 *Dual-Com Grade 4 via phone line over analogue  from  £504.00  from  £42.00
 *Dual-Com Grade 4 via LAN (IP)  from  £504.00  from  £42.00
 *Redcare GSM (BT Line required)  from  £504.00  from  £42.00

*cost includes Police Link and Keyholder Response.

We can also supply a Full Cover Maintenance Programme on CCTV, Fire and Access Control Systems.

Please contact us to enable a full survey to be carried out, which will be completed for you at no cost